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"Every good painter paints what he is."--Jackson Pollock

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Encaustication is Up and Running!

The dream is now a reality! Encaustication Art Studio and Workshops is now open for business....at least "most Fridays and Saturdays", when I'm in town. No set hours, but a girl's got to start somewhere....right?

The absolute best part of this move has been that I've been able to sort, organize and find a place for everything. My home studio has been so jam-packed for so long, that it was next to impossible to get anything done, let alone have clarity of thought to spark a creative moment. It is pure joy to walk into a clean, organized space and get right to work! 

So far, the space has been used to host a few events for co-workers: knitting group and brainstorming. It seems to be a "good space", and I'll start hosting my "8 is Enough" workshops in January. I'll kick things off with an informal monthly Artist Trading Card themed make & take get-together one Friday evening each month. January's theme will be New Beginnings....registration is now open!

Live the dream:)