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"Every good painter paints what he is."--Jackson Pollock

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saying "No" to Get to "Yes"

I've been "grounded" for the past five weeks, while my husband was skiing in Colorado for his 50th birthday. This means I didn't fly anywhere, or leave the city of Indianapolis for anything. I had several phone calls from people wanting me to come do a presentation or consult with their practice, but I stuck to my self-imposed "grounding" for my family's sake, and it turns out----for my art's sake.

In the past five weeks, I was able to spend at least 8 hours each week in the studio, starting new pieces and finishing others. I believe I have produced more finished work in the past five weeks, than I have in the previous two years. Right now, I have six or seven pieces in progress! I find myself looking for time each week to get to the studio. I am now planning it into each week, once I have completed other projects and commitments. With April upon me, I am worried that I won't find that time for quite a while. I am overbooked with travel and outside consulting work.

Moving forward, I now know I need to incorporate a new word into my vocabulary----the word "no". Without it, I will lose my precious studio time which can only lead to imbalance of my inner well-being. At the end of 2011, one of my goals for 2012 was to limit my travels to one trip or week each month. I seriously blew that for January/February and April. September is looking equally out-of-balance already, so my new mantra is "say no to get to yes"!