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Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Cats and Dogs, Plus a New Product Line

Firestorm (12"x12"), encaustic and mixed media painting
The cats and dogs continue to leap onto my encaustic boards! I found a vintage ledger book on Etsy, which replenished my source for creating these silhouettes indefinitely (there are more than 100 pages in this wonderful oversized book of handwritten pages!).

My managers have been admiring the new paintings that found their way to our doctors' office walls and have been dropping hints about their bare office. Monday morning, they will come in to work to find a pair of dogs to liven up their office. "The Offering" is a 9"x12" encaustic and mixed media piece that just begs someone to throw the ball. "Let's Play" is 16"x16" and invites anyone and everyone to take a break and have a little bit of fun.

"The Offering" (9"x12"), encaustic and mixed media painting
 With the abundance of cats and dogs, I decided to create a line of blank greeting cards. The Vintage Pet cards are 4"x6" and come in sets of 5. The envelopes include a sealing label that matches the image on each card. In addition to Vintage Pets, I also created Vintage SoMe Blank Greeting Cards. Whether you love or hate social media, you'll love the irony of these images, created with vintage papers and produced with the intent of communicating with friends and family the old-fashioned way----with a stamp! You can check the first two sets of greeting cards out on my website.

An added benefit of purchasing my pet encaustic artwork and greeting cards? Two percent of these sales are donated to pet rescue organizations! My next creation?.....stay tuned for Encaustic Angels!

Live the dream:)
"Let's Play" (16"x16"), encaustic and mixed media painting