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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

A Window Seat for Princess (12"x12")
It was only a matter of time before my two lives intersected in my artwork! This month, I have been creating a new office space for the veterinarians at my office. We had three really nice Stephen Huneck prints that celebrate the veterinarian. I chose the wall color paint from these prints and they look great. I then decided a few new pieces were in order to complement the new space.

This weekend, I finished three encaustic and mixed media paintings to hang in their new office. All three are encaustic paintings that have silhouette images of either a cat or a dog, which are cut from vintage ledger paper and embedded in the layers of encaustic medium. "A Window Seat for Princess" was inspired by our clinic cat, Princess. She arrived on our doorstep approximately eight years ago, in a white castle box, and gave birth to kittens within a week of her arrival. Homes for the kittens were easy enough to find, but Princess turned out to be a "special case"....she's not too crazy about people, but she took a real liking to the doctors' office---where she has lived ever since. The new office will give her a "real home", outside the walls of the animal hospital. She will now have her choice of window seats in the new space next door.

Vintage Greyhound (12"x12")
The second painting I created for their new office is "Vintage Greyhound". This is probably my favorite and is significant in that we work closely with Greyhounds Pets of America, caring for greyhounds who are retired from their racing lives to find their forever homes. We screen these gorgeous animals for parasites, vaccinate them, neuter or spay them, and clean their teeth so they have a clean bill of health before they begin their lives with a new family. Our medical director, Dr. Bill Neumann is a past board member of the Indianapolis branch of GPOA, and greyhounds have a special place in his heart.

The third painting, "Vintage Noel" was inspired by none other than Noel Brunner herself. Noel is an eleven-year-old labrador who is a celebrity at Broad Ripple Animal Clinic. She has been coming "to work" nearly every day since she turned 2, and was judged as being well-enough-behaved to keep herself out of trouble.

Vintage Noel (12"x12")
Despite her multiple knee surgeries and arthritis, this dog's entire body wiggles with joy when she greets you---no matter who you are! Strangely timid around little dogs, Noel is known by just about every client who comes to BRAC on a regular basis. Always looking for a hand-out, the staff is quick to warn visitors that she is on a strict diet (but she still manages to get her share of treats from soft-hearted dog lovers when we aren't watching).

After running out of larger sheets of ledger paper, I started working in a smaller size and created a few 5"x5" paintings in a similar style. The results were two new cat paintings titled, "Leap of Faith" and "Daydreamer". I think I'm going to have to find a regular source for more vintage papers...at least until the cats and dogs are all captured in wax:)

Leap of Faith (5"x5")

Live the dream:)

Daydreamer (5"x5")


  1. I just love how beautifully you incorporate...and then express YOU in your art!