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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BRAC Team Art Show

This Friday, I will be showing my work for the first time in a few years. I have to break out of the "too busy for art" frame of mind. Moving forward, I've promised myself to always make time to create! Showing what I create is also part of the process. On Friday, surrounded by friends from work, four of us will take that plunge together and exhibit our work as part of the Spring Gallery Tour in Broad Ripple!
Dr. Elizabeth Murphy paints these wonderful custom pet portraits from photos. She does a fabulous job at capturing the purrsonalities of the pets.

I believe she works digitally, with a paint software program. The brushstrokes are amazing, but more noticeable is the "essence" of the pet leaping off the canvas.

A relative newcomer to BRAC, Alysha Calender will be showing some matted and framed pencil drawings of horses. Alysha is a veterinary technology student who is pursuing her degree as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She loves to draw in her free time.

Dr. Christine Heinz is an avid photographer in her spare time, which is about to be cut very short with the coming birth of her first child:) Christine's photographs are gorgeous studies of nature and the environment. Full of peace and tranquility, these pieces reflect her personality and style.

My contribution will be a hodge-podge of mediums that I've explored in the past few years. From woodcut prints to beeswax collage and encaustic wax paintings, I'll be showing a little bit of this and that.

If you're in Broad Ripple this Friday between 5-9pm, stop by our Wellness Center location at 5897 N. College for a taste of our teamwork!

Live the dream:) Brenda

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